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T.I.V. | Teaching in Vietnam is a Registered HR Consultancy & Management Firm. We specialize in recruiting professional English Teachers for schools, associations and other businesses.

Thanks to our strong international network our consultants will be able to indicate the best employee profile for your group.

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Whom will assist you with any concerns.

Do you enjoy majestic nature? Rolling hills of rice fields, sunsets over beaches, miles upon miles of gorgeous green space? Or maybe a bustling (and ever-growing) city is more your style. Street bikes, street food, parties and an impressive (and affordable) shopping scene? Whatever you fancy, Vietnam has it.

More and more individuals across the globe are noticing the unique wonder Vietnam has to offer, which is why there are over 10 million tourists every year (this number continues to grow, too). However, Vietnam is also quickly rising to the top of the ESL scene, boasting a plethora of jobs and competitive pay, which is why we’re seeing thousands of people making the move to teach in Vietnam.

With the complexities of the visa process, the enormous amount of job offers and the worry that comes with anything related to moving across the world, it is a daunting endeavor to take on alone. Teaching in Vietnam is here to help alleviate the stress and doubt that is a big part of the process with their Relocation Package.

What is the Relocation Package?

The relocation package is a full spectrum support system offered to teaching candidates during the duration of their teaching contract in Vietnam. It is provided by partners, Teaching in Vietnam and Jane SNVI, based in Thao Dien District of Ho Chi Mihn City.

That’s all great, but how much does it cost?

The basic Relocation Package is a total of $320USD for the helpful services mentioned above. There are additional specialty services that can be added on, if needed. See below.

What’s included?

The Relocation Package includes:

  • Visa on arrival assistance and application
  • A comprehensive list of job offers 10 days prior to arrival
  • Continuous support after job placement, if there are issues and teacher would like to change
  • All communication and paperwork with employer (school)
  • Discounts on accomodation and scooter rentals in HCMC
  • Priority for cover classes needed by additional schools for additional income (see website for more information)

What does the process look like?

The process seems overwhelming, but I promise TIV will make it as seamless as possible. See below for a detailed outline of the steps involved.

Step 1 - Send an initial inquiry

Just a little bit more

If you don't mind telling us how did you hear about us?

Let us connect on Messenger

Do you have an account on T.I.V Job Board?

Please provide your account link for better assistance

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Step 2 – Upon approval

The candidate will undergo an initial screening with a representative from our awesome TIV team.

**an interview and demo class which will be recorded

Step 3 – Candidate profile

Candidate should fill out profile in full detail on the TIV Jobs Board. This will be accessible to all schools.

Step 4 - Purchase of relocation package
Relocate to Vietnam
Relocation Package

This includes your Visa and ongoing support from T.I.V

Relocate to Vietnam
Relocation Package - Exclude Visa Approval Letter

This package is applicable for those who have their school agree to sponsor for their visa.

T.I.V also provide ongoing support like regular Relocation Package.


Relocate Me
Airport Pickup Service

Need a pick up at the airport?
(only select one)


Need a place to stay why not stay at our accommodation?
(qty = per day please update)

Scooter Rental
Scooter Rental

Scooters can be rented from the T.I.V office, by selecting this option you are paying 2 month deposit and 1 month rental.
(option only available in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang)

Flight Support
Flight Support

T.I.V has an appointed flight agent following you throughout your journey from your country of origin to Vietnam.
(Case and passengers dependant)

TEFL / Degree Authentication Support
TEFL / Degree Authentication Support

Candidates MUST have their TEFL / Degree authenticated, this is a requirement for a working permit. This will be done at cost price for T.I.V as its a case by case procedure.
(Service depends on the origin of your country)

Police Clearance
Police Clearance

Police clearance can be done in your own country and is valid for 6 months, we advise teachers to do this in their country of origin, however, if the teacher needs or wants to do it in Vietnam, we will assist as well as assist with the landlord’s residence confirmation for your new accommodation.

TESOL Deposit
TESOL Deposit

Buy paying your TESOL deposit you will be added to the next or preferred enrollment date. Your seat will be booked and confirmation will be sent to you regarding the next step in undergoing TESOL training.

Step 5 – After purchasing a relocation package

The candidate profile will be sent to all schools with open positions.

Step 6 – Candidate receives job offers

Candidate will receve job offers 10 days prior to arrival and can choose which schools they would like to interview with.

Step 7 – Virtually interviews conducted with schools.

Please be polite, punctual and well-dressed for interviews. You may check our YouTube channel for interview tips and tricks.

Step 8 – Teaching position is agreed

Agreement is made between student and school.

Step 9 – Candidate submits proof of flight

And visa will be issued through Jane SNVI.

Step 10 – Fly to Vietnam

Meet the team and have the time of your life.

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